Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24

Carolyn sleeps until nearly 11AM. Adjusting to the time change is a bit hard. Dick is patient, reading and drinking coffee. We are both foot sore this morning and decide to just walk around the flower market area and look for an ATM.

We head in a different direction on the Singel Canal in front of the hotel; up toward where it meets the Amstel.
The floating flower market is there. Dick finds an ATM that works while Carolyn looks at all the flowers and bulbs for sale.
We find a little cafĂ© and have brunch out on the sidewalk. Dick has what amounts to an open face egg and ham sandwich and Carolyn has an apple pancake. Fortified we head on through the market and then explore a Delft shop that is in the base of the Munttoren, part of the gate to Amsterdam’s medieval city wall, built in the 1400's. Carolyn buys three Delft Christmas ornaments to add to the collection.
We plan to go through Delft tomorrow, but having learned from experience...we buy when we see something we want.

From here we wander down a busy shopping street and spy a wonderful smelling bakery.

Two sweet rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast and a warm ham and cheese croissant for now, we head on toward a street market we had noticed earlier. It turns out to be an all things printed market with stalls filled with old books and prints of all sorts. Dick finds a really neat cover to a weekly publication. The art work is a very nice pencil drawing and according to the lady was a done by a well know Dutch artist. It was printed in 1917 and is concerns WWI and the desire for it to end.
It is now after 2PM and we are done walking! Back at the hotel we spend time getting caught up on the blog, downloading pictures and some business stuff before heading to dinner.

For dinner we go back to Nooch. This time we try the dim sum platter for two which has two kinds of dim sum, spring rolls and the shrimp rolls and order a bottle of wine. We also each get an order of shrimp rolls and a bowl of steamed rice...just the right amount. The couple next to us start a conversation and we have a very pleasant time. The man is from the US, but married a Croatian lady and they have lived in Amsterdam for eight years. It is half way between their families....a ten hour drive to her parent in Croatia and a seven hour flight to his in Florida!

We head back to the hotel and get ready for a travel day tomorrow...heading to Ghent.

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