Friday, August 24, 2012

Tuesday, August 21 On Our Way

Today is the day! We wake up to clear skies and the makings for another hot, Texas day. The morning is spent doing all the last minute things associated with being gone for two months. Dick gets the hand watering set up outside, Carolyn puts everything in order on the inside. The bags were closed and locked last night and the last minute electronics are put in the computer bag this morning.

About 11:30AM our friend, JW, arrives to go with us to IAH so he can drive our car back and put it in the garage. The trip in is uneventful and check in is a breeze. We pass through security with out a strip search and are on our way. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 3:35PM. We are seated in the lounge eating a light lunch by 1:30PM.

The plane is waiting on the ground when we get to the airport so boarding is on time at 2:45PM and lift off is almost on time. The Business Class seats are the pod kind and are comfortable. We get a really good dinner about 6PM, of very tender short ribs in a red wine sauce. Full of tasty food and good drinks with the cabin light turned off, we both turn our seat into the bed configuration and actually go to sleep.

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