Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 1 La Malbaie to Montreal

Wonderful, we wake to sun. There are weird sea fog patterns on the river, but the sun is burning it off as we watch.

After breakfast we load up and start back to Montreal. But first we go back downtown for a few pictures.

The drive along the river is much nicer today since we can see. The fall foliage is beautiful and so is the sea mist over the river,

but like so many places there is really no place to stop on the busy two lane highway.

La Baie-St Paul is a cute little town..to bad we can't stop and enjoy it now that it has stopped raining.

It takes us about 6 hours driving through the fall foliage to get to Montreal and, of course, we never get away before 9:30 or 10 so it is an all day project.

We are staying at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth mainly because it is above the train station.  We will be leaving Canada by train in the morning so this seemed the easiest way to go. Dick drops Carolyn off in front of the hotel and takes the car back to the rental office about 2 blocks away while she checks in.

The hotel turns out to be very nice...nicer really than the other two at less than half the cost of them. We luck out with a room with a nice view too.

By the time Dick gets the car returned and the train station checked out,
it is really to late to go down to old town and we are tired to boot. The concierge suggest we walk across the street an visit the Cathedral, a scaled down replica of St Peters in Rome. We do this and walk around a little just to stretch our legs before we get ready for diner.

We go to the hotel dinning room and have a wonderful rack of lamb. We have another food credit with this room so the it is a doubly good deal!

It has been a long day that ends with a good meal. Sleep comes easily tonight in the comfortable room. Tomorrow...we head to the US.

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