Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday, September 30 La Malbaie

We wake to a very fogy view of the river. It isn’t raining, but the sea mist is really heavy. After a nice breakfast, we check out the cute old downtown area

and decide to drive along the river up to the ferry across the Saguenay Fjord to Tadoussac. It is a nice drive but the weather is not good for pictures. It does seem to improve a little as we get closer to the Fjord.
We opt out of the ferry crossing as seas at the mouth of the Fjord are rough. Not wanting to go home the same route, we follow the road up the west side of the Fjord.
Not having any idea where we are going, we happen upon a Visitors Center in the village of Petit Saguenay that is open on Sunday...amazing! Carolyn goes in to see about getting a map or directions on the best way back to the hotel. There is really helpful young woman manning the office, Dick comes in and we leave with three maps marked with a route to the hotel and two areas on the Fjord to visit before we turn back toward the hotel. This is great since she spoke very little English and we speak no French!

The rain holds off as we drive about 3 miles outside the village to the Saguenay and find a nice little park and marina area.

The lady told us whales are often seen at this spot. The second stop is at stop at Anse-Saint-Jean. We find a cute little village right on the Saguenay.

The views of the Fjord are great and the trees seem to be showing much more color today.

We wind up back at La Baie, no ships in port today,

but the yeild signs sculture is still there,
before we turn back toward the river and hotel by way of Baie-St Paul. It is a nice drive! The countryside is very remote and beautiful even in the mist and rain and there is no traffic!

It is almost dark and raining in earnest when we get back to the hotel. We go for some Italian for dinner then head to bed.

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