Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday, October 7 Following the Color to Roanoke, VA

It looks like rain again this morning and is cool. Our plan is to try to find and follow the color along the Virginia/West Virginia border. So we head back over to Gettysburg and then across northern Maryland until we see a visitors center. The man at the desk suggests a route weaving back and forth across the Virginia/West Virginia border for the best chance of color. We do find color and it is a nice, but slow drive down US Hwy 221. We get into rain off and on and it is cold.

At some point we both get a craving for a hot dog with chili, cheese and onions! There really isn’t much in eastern West Virginia, but we finally find a Dairy Queen in a small town and chow down on a chili cheese dog with all the trimmings including fried onion rings! Oh, can you spell heart burn! We are ready to stop by the time we are about to Roanoke. Calling ahead gets us a room at the Hampton Inn where we crash with another take out pizza, just what we need! It is a wonder either one of us sleep at all!

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