Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, September 22

Some time in the wee hours of this morning we slip off the continental shelf and the rollers lengthen out. The ship then settles down to a long gentle rolling motion. The sun is out when we wake. Dick goes for his usual coffee in Seabourn Square. Carolyn gets up leisurely and we go to breakfast about 8:30. The dinning room is fairly empty this morning. There have been 50 to 75 people here most mornings, but not today. Carolyn discovered the Danish pancakes the other day. They are so good with a bowl of fresh berries. Dick has been having oatmeal and a plate of salmon most mornings. This is the beginning of our last week on the ship...we will miss the nice breakfast most!

Carolyn goes to Seabourn Square to try to get the blog up to date but the Internet is not co-operating and keeps disconnecting. The Chef is doing another cooking class in the Grand Salon so she dumps the computer in the room and heads off to learn how to make lentil soup and three kinds of salmon tartar. Chef Niels is a good entertainer as well as a good cook.
His hour long secessions are always fun. He cooks up a pot of rum with hot chocolate and passes that out to get everyone in the mood. Then he starts the soup and makes the tartar while the soup cooks.

The tartar sounds good and seems very easy to make...Carolyn may just have to try some. He then passes out cups of the soup which is very good and may just become a winter staple at home!

Another good lunch in the dinning room. It is Italian today and the food is good but a little heavy. There are the usual 50 or so people eating. Can’t imagine what it was like during the time they weren’t serving in they dining room, the Colonnade is OK, but to us is very congested and food court like when you can have full table service in the beautiful dining room.

Back in the room the bed looks inviting, the fog horn is blowing and the ship is gently rocking. We lay down to read and wind up napping until cocktail time. We head up the Observation Lounge about 6PM to listen to some music and have a drink then go to the dining room. Yes, we will need a wheel barrow to get us off the ship! Dick orders a steak and Carolyn tries the crab cakes...the first bad meal. She elects to have some of Dick’s steak since there is plenty and some mashed potatoes. A bowl of berry crisp and ice cream finish the meal and we head to the room. It has been a nice lazy day and we have recovered for the cold of yesterday.

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