Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, September 16

WOW...what a night, we almost felt like we in the Drake Shake. The ship was really plowing into the waves last night...lots of bangs and sit straight up in bed shutters.

Dick wakes early and makes a laundry run about 7:30AM. Good thing because by 8:30AM, when his load is dry, there is a line waiting. Carolyn wakes in time to fold the clothes before heading to breakfast. The weather seems to be calming down...the skies are clearing and the sea doesn’t seem to be running as high. Though we all still walk like drunken sailors when we are out and about.

At 10AM we attend the nice church service conducted by John Barron, the Cruise Director. When that is over we go back to the suite and make reservations for the bridge tour at 2PM. Carolyn wants to do the galley tour at 4:30PM, but it is already booked up. She is told there will be another chance later.

It is really still uncomfortable to move around the ship so we spend the time getting all the pictures downloaded and sized to post and work on the blog that is still behind. Carolyn is finally able to get her computer to connect to the ships wifi so the blog posting may actually get and stay caught up.

At noon the Captain gives us an update on the weather. We had hurricane force wind last night and 25+ foot seas. He says the weather is now moderating, winds 40mph and seas down to 15 ft. The sun is peaking out and though the ship is still rolling but the seas are much calmer than last night. He tells us we may have dodged the bullet and should have blue skies, sun and about 45o F tomorrow in Iceland.

We go to lunch in the dining room. There aren’t as many people today, but from the signs on doors some people are still under the weather. We finish just in time to do the bridge tour. There are about 20 of us. The duty officer tells us more than we ever wanted to know about the workings of the ship and all the controls.

We finally excuse ourselves after an hour. It was interesting, but way more detailed and longer than we had planned on. We miss the lecture on Iceland so will have to catch that on TV later.

Back in the room Dick takes a nap and Carolyn finally gets the blog up to date. Dick goes to the lounge to get some cocktails to enjoy in the room, but gets talked into staying up there. So he takes Carolyn’s drink to her and goes back to the lounge. Carolyn soon joins the group. The weather has really cleared. The ship is still bouncing but not too bad. While we are in the lounge we see a pod of whales go by. The group breaks up and we head to dinner where we agree to join a table of two couples from England. It is a delightful dinner. Dick has lamb chops and Carolyn has steak. Our table mates are a hoot and we talk and laugh for two hours. We get to talking about TV and they give Dick a list of British sitcoms to supplement his favorites.

Back in the room we fill out the room service breakfast card. We have to meet the people with the rental car on the dock at 8:30AM so it is time to call it a night. We hope for a better night’s sleep now that the seas have calmed down.

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