Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday, September 23

Sunday, September 23

The fog horn blew during the night and it is still fogy out as we head to breakfast at our usual time. We sit by our friends from Spring, one of maybe four Texas couples on this cruise and talk about all things Texas and family.

At 10AM we go to the church service put on by John. This time he has a musician and we sing along with the regular service. There are more people here today...maybe 40 or so. It is a nice service, but we have an alpha call to one of the suites...hope it is nothing serious. John includes the person in our prayers. Then we go to the lecture on Labrador and Newfoundland. Mr Luckenbach tells us about the currents and how they affect the ice movement and the paths of the early travelers in the area.

During breakfast our waiter, Martin told us to be sure and come to the Galley Market Luncheon today from 12 to 2. We remember this from the Pride. About 12 the Captain makes his noon announcement telling anyone who has noticed that yes we have been heading due south for some the marked course to avoid the reported dip in the limit of the ice field...he doesn’t want a surprise encounter with an iceberg! Chicken!! We are now heading almost due west and will be back on the planned course later today arriving in Red Bay on time tomorrow morning. Carolyn goes down to take some pictures...the food looks wonderful!!!

Back in the room Dick looks at the pictures and even though we really weren’t planning to indulge we head to lunch and wind up sitting with some CC friends from England and have a delightful two hours eating and talking.

Back in the room we have Internet so we work on the blog and some business stuff. About 3:30 the Captain comes on the PA again to tell us we are now heading to St Anthony, Newfoundland due to a medical emergency. We should be there about 2AM and tender the passenger ashore. Then we will head for Red Bay arriving later in the morning than planned, but will also stay later to allow for the tours.

The rest of the afternoon and evening we crash through the sea that is moving due to the 50mph winds and our 17;5 knots. The ship shutters every few minutes as we plow into waves with the bow. Needless to say it has gotten rough again.

Over stuffed from the big lunch and not want to bob down the halls, we have a movie marathon and have room service for diner.

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