Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tuesday, September 11

Our room is wonderfully cold...first time ever we have not had to get maintenance in several times to adjust the settings so the room temperature will be cool enough for us. The winds picked up during last evening and the ship move around quite a bit.....we had a wonderful restful night! This morning is partly cloudy and cool and we have 5-6 foot seas. Dick is up early and has his coffee in Seabourn Square, a nice area that serves a multitude of purposes. Then he gets back to the room well oiled with coffee, we head to breakfast in the main dinning room at 8:45. There are about 50 people enjoying a leisurely meal when we arrive. The usual order of Eggs Benedict arrives very fast and we enjoy the food and service.

Dick takes off to get Internet time arranged and Carolyn gets hooked on a jigsaw puzzle when we goes to explore Seabourn Square. Later we met in the room and work on the is so far behind!

About noon the Captain comes on the PA and says we are just rounding Lands End, rhw western most tip of England. We go out on bow of deck six, our deck and watch. This was our favorite place on the Pride in 2009 and it is just out side our door.

Dick then goes up to the Colonnade for lunch, but it is way to crowded so he goes back to the Patio Grill. Carolyn orders room service and works on the Blog the rest of the afternoon. Dick helps some, but he mostly naps! The ship is moving a good bit most of the day, which we enjoy.

It is the Gala Reception and formal optional tonight. So we dress for dinner....but no tux or dark suit for Dick, just a jacket and tie. For the record, this is a Transatlantic cruise of 19 days, the ship is full with 410 new passengers and 35 hold overs from the last cruise, all the men that we could see had on some sort of jacket and the lounge and dinning room were full while we were there. Probably half or a little more had on tux, white dinner jacket or dark suit, The other half was a mixed bag of different colored shorts coats and blazers. A very few men didn’t have a tie and were seated.

We first go to the Captain’s Reception and visit with several couples and then go for dinner in the restaurant around 7:30 with the other 400 people from the Reception. Surprisingly the meal is served in a timely manner even with everyone arriving at the same time. Again the food is tasty, Dick has lamb and Carolyn has lobster. Carolyn’s tea actually is brought to her when the desert is served without having to ask for it.

It has been a very pleasant day, we just wish there was one more sea day before the first port...we could use a bit more down time. Tomorrow Dublin, Ireland! Oh, and there is some talk of possible problems for us due to the strong Hurricane Leslie expected to hit Newfoundland and turn Eastward into our path. We shall see.

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