Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday, September 26

Another great sea day. We had another rough night last night due to the high winds and this morning is kind of grey. We are still in the Bay of St. Lawrence, but will soon be entering the actual river.
Dick gets up and does our laundry about 6:30AM. We are gaining hours regularly now so we are waking up easily. He is returning with dry clothes before the line for the washers form!

There are about 100 people for breakfast this morning. We are really glad to see people using the dining room. There is another lecture this morning...on Quebec. We attend then go back to the room to work on pictures and the blog....behind again.

Carolyn goes to the dining room for lunch and has a great crab bisque and of course bread sticks!! There is a large group again as they are using both sides. Dick has a slice of pizza from the grill at some point.

The main attraction this afternoon is the crew tug-of-war.

The Captain is the referee. Eight teams participate and when all is said and done the deck hands win. The crew seems to have a good time and it is fun to watch.

We are sailing in the river now and
but nothing to see on the port side. Carolyn sits on the balcony for awhile, but it is just a little cool without bundling up
so she moves to the warm bed and naps while Dick reads.

It is formal optional night, but we opt out of the pre-dinner party and join others up in the Observation Lounge who are doing the same thing. We get to the dining room just before the show crowd does and are seated at a table for 2 right in the center; great for people watching. We watched everyone enter and I have to say we see every kind of dress...leather flip flops and black running shoes, frumpy dresses and sports shirts with a casual jacket though most are nicely dressed and most men have at least a sports coat and tie on. The main menu is again not to our liking so we order off the always available side and have the souffle with orange sauce for dessert!

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