Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunday, September 9

Breakfast is cooked to order from several choices. Dick has scrambled eggs and smoked salmon along with some very good French press coffee. Carolyn has the full English breakfast including the usual tortured, cooked tomatoes.

We load up and drive into town to try and see the Bath Abby, the Roman baths and the Royal Crescent. Ok, we do the Royal Crescent
but can’t figure how to get right downtown in our car. We give up and head over to Wells. We luck out with the parking and have a nice tour of the cute village, the cathedral and the Bishop's Palace.

Then we dive over to Glastonbury to see the Abbey ruins and Glastonbury Tor. We are actually able to park right by the Abby, but can’t get anywhere close to the Tor except to drive up a narrow steep road that is barely one way, but has two way traffic on it...interesting mess!

We saw these sites when we were here in 1985 with our son, Rick. Back then, you parked and walked into the abbey ruins. Now it is controlled access with the usual fees but does have a nice museum. The grounds are also very nice and have a picnic set up. Since we had purchased some Cornwall Pastys, meat pies in a pastry shell, in Wells, we have these and a drink for lunch before walking through the ruins and taking our photos.

Time to head back to Bath along the traffic congested roads. The 35 mile drive takes well over an hour. We are having trouble finding convenient food in England as we cannot find parking near most restaurants. Tonight, Sunday, many of the restaurants are closed and we finally wind up in a pub on the edge of downtown Bath. It is pure pub food and we have a hamburger and drinks (23GBP or $35). Damn this place is expensive!

It has been wonderful to see these historic places in England again after such a long time, but we are tired of the fight to make things work, We didn’t have the petty little problems on the continent that we have had the last four days. At this point we are more than ready to get rid of the car and get on the ship!

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