Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tuesday, August 28

We both sleep late and breakfast is not until 10AM or so. We work on the blog, check email, download photos, etc. Dick has some business emails that need attention so he does that chore.

At this point Dick’s cell phone notifies him that he has used his allotted data. So he calls and has the plan increased since he does need the cell phone’s hot spot for business. It does mean that until we get to Paris we can only post the blog, no pictures...we will come back and add the picture....they just eat up the data allowance....while we are in either Paris or London. We should have access to the hotel’s internet. When you see pictures again, check these days. We will add the pictures at the end of these blogs when we can.

After a light lunch of tuna sandwiches and a Snickers bar, Carolyn decides it is time to do battle with a very strange looking washing machine. It has been a week since we left home and we have some really rank clothes.

Dick takes off about 1:30PM to find and walk "The Sgt. York Trail." The events that led to Sargent Alvin C. York earning the Medal of Honor took place on October 8, 1918 outside the village of Chatel-Chechery, about 12km north of where we are staying.
Dick finds the start of the trail, in a cow pasture, with a nice sign,
parks the car in a not too wet spot and heads off down the trail. There are nine marked points along a three kilometer trail up steep hill sides,
across streams on small bridges, etc. The trail follows the route Sgt. York and his men took in and out of the battle area. At the end, Dick finds the remains of the German machine gun nest and trench which York cleared. Oh, for a metal detector!
Returning to the car, Dick heads to the village of Apremont
and on to the location where "The Lost Battalion"
held out during the same time that York was doing his work. These are all historic sites but there is not much to see other than the geography. Well, maybe if he had that metal detector???

Arriving back at our cottage at 4:30PM, it is time to think about dinner, drinks and more email and blog writing. Dinner is spaghetti with a green salad and a bottle of Vin des Pays alfresco in the back yard. Not a bad end to a quiet day. We are both very tired and need another good long nap.

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